Claxton Fruitcake Meets Holiday Demand

CLAXTON, Ga., – Claxton Fruitcake is one of the leading producers of fruitcakes in the U.S. It started as a family-owned bakery in 1910 and has grown to one of the biggest seasonal employers in Evans County. Dale Parker, a Vice President with the bakery says family is still at the root of the enterprise, “It’s still very much a family business. I have two brothers and a sister involved in the business. Both of my sons work in the business. So it is a family affair,” Parker said.

Parker says autumn is like Christmas because it’s the height of fruitcake season, “We begin our baking season in early September. and then we will run through, ah, the middle of December during which time we will make between eighty-six to ninety thousand pounds every day,” Parker said, adding the internet now makes fruitcake a four seasons dessert, “They can buy from us online twenty-four-seven. We ship cakes out all over the country every day. It’s very important,” said Parker.

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