Dutch Maid Bakery Sold for $27 million

The Dutch Maid Bakery at the Alsen Mapes Industrial Park— tucked between the Fields Corner and Clam Point sections of Dorchester— changed hands for $26.78 million last month. A Chicago investment company sold it to a large industrial and commercial real estate investment trust (REIT) firm based in Dallas.

The sale went through in early July and included parcels at 40-42 Sturtevant St. and a smaller parcel on Mapes Street – which appears to be a parking lot. They are the addresses of the Dutch Maid Bakery – a commercial bakery that makes cakes and baked goods for supermarkets and stores across the region.

The sale came from a limited liability company named “Alsen Mapes LLC” that is controlled by members of Chicago’s Keystone Capital and its subsidiary Keystone Capital Bakery Holdings LLC. According to the city assessing records, Alsen Mapes LLC is the owner of record on the Dutch Maid property.

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