Five Key Objectives for Bakers in 2022

As the Western Hemisphere’s most comprehensive event for the grain-based foods industry, IBIE is the best place to find what you need to achieve your professional goals. To help you prioritize and maximize your time, we’ve put together this list of five popular objectives that IBIE can help you accomplish in just a few days. Take a look and discover smart ways to enhance your experience in Las Vegas, September 17-21, 2022.


Severe commodity price increases, inflation and supply chain hurdles have impacted bakers for much of 2021. These issues aren’t likely to disappear in 2022, and while there’s no simple solution, solidifying relationships with suppliers can help. As Hayden Wands, VP of global procurement at Grupo Bimbo, noted on an episode of ABA’s Bake to the Future podcast, “The most important thing I can say is to strengthen the relationship with your supply partners. […] Stronger relationships lead to more success.”

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