Miller's Bakery Adds A New Twist – & A New Milwaukee Facility

For Brian Miller, the latest twist in his family-owned commercial bakery is literal.

It's the Pretzilla, the pretzel-flavored bun — with a bit of a pretzel twist — that is driving the new $4 million facility on Milwaukee's northwest side that Miller's Bakery Inc. plans to begin operating Monday.

The bakery is installing new equipment at the building this week. A company affiliate bought the building in 2012, and then roughly doubled its size over the past several months to 30,000 square feet.

The new production plant, at 8313 N. Steven Road, will be devoted to Pretzillas and other specialty buns. It will have 38 to 40 employees, while 30 to 36 employees will continue working at Miller's downtown bakery at 1415 N. 5th St.

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