Nutritionist Picks 10 Best Low-Carb Breads

Whether you’re cutting back on carbs for a specific diet (such as KetoPaleo or Atkins), or you’re a diabetic trying to manage your blood sugar levels, one of the hardest things to give up when you’re on a low-carb diet is bread. It’s comfort food at its finest. But the good news is there are more and more low-carb bread options in grocery stores and recipes that rely on wholesome ingredients and deliver on taste.

“It’s important to pay attention to ingredient labels,” says Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD founder of Milk & Honey Nutrition. For gluten-free options, Phipps says to look for breads that are made with grain-free flours like almond, tapioca and arrowroot. “And be careful of low-carb options that add unnecessary amounts of fiber in the form of inulin or other processed fibers. While most people tolerate these fine, some people can experience GI upset as a result,” advises Phipps.

What is considered “low-carb”?

Unlike “low-calorie” or “reduced-fat” claims, the FDA has not legally defined what “low-carbohydrate” means. Therefore, for the purposes of this list all of the options below have no more than 14 grams of total carbs and no more than 9 grams of net carbs. “Net carbs are the carbohydrates that your body can digest. Our bodies can’t fully digest fiber, which is a type of carbohydrate. So net carbs is referring to the total number of carbohydrates in a food after the fiber has been subtracted out,” explains Phipps. Sugar alcohols are subtracted as well when calculating net carbs.

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