The Name Brand Behind Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Breads

Aldi offers shoppers private-label goods to keep grocery bills manageable while also ensuring product quality. Its L’Oven Fresh brand of bread is particularly beloved by customers, and for good reason. While it’s often challenging to determine which manufacturers are behind private labels, it appears that L’Oven Fresh is produced by Bimbo Bakeries USA, a company that manufactures baked goods for many big brands.

The most compelling evidence of Aldi’s collaboration with Bimbo Bakeries comes from a press release issued by the grocery store in 2015. The press release, which announced a voluntary recall, referred to Bimbo Bakeries as Aldi’s “supplier,” at least for the product cited in the recall notice (which was the Fit & Active 45 Calorie Multigrain Bread). And while Aldi has never provided an official statement on who manufactures its L’Oven Fresh products, Bimbo Bakeries is quite prolific when it comes to the brands it works with. In fact, Yahoo Finance claims that the company manufactures goods for 37 distinct brands.

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