Seeking Savings, Some Ditch Brand Loyalty

Many shoppers are finding that shredded cheddar and milk peddled under store labels cost up to 40 percent less and often taste just as good as nationally known brands.

Cheese Of The Month: Scharfe Maxx

Scharfe Maxx is a Swiss knockout from Studer Dairy near the Bodensee on the Swiss-German border.

State Of The Cheese: Valley Seeing End To Dairy Profit Freefall

The rapid growth in U.S. cheese production in recent decades has taken place in the Northern San Joaquin Valley, where several thousand people work at 10 plants turning out a wide variety of products.

YoCream International Sales Up 18.1% for the Year

February 1, 2010 YoCream International, Inc.

Frozen dessert sales rose 30.3% increase primarily resulted from exceptional growth in the company’s core frozen yogurt products.

Kate’s: Butter That’s Better

This butter, the down comforter of the dairy world, is a great consolation and well worth the purchase and consumption. It is available at grocers all over York County, ME.