Aux Delices des Bois Extends Butter Line

How to instantly upgrade a sizzling grilled steak, a pot of leftover linguine, a bushel of just-harvested cauliflower?

Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butters have long provided that aha! moment. Now they are joined by two new varieties, Roasted Garlic Butter and Red Wine Shallot Butter.

The butters begin with higher than usual, 82% minimum butterfat. This Euro-style fat carries the natural flavorings better and delivers above-average mouthfeel.

Roasted Garlic Butter is a nutty, rounded flavor. Use it to simplify preparation of such traditional dishes as linguine with clam sauce, garlic bread, and escargots. Roasting the garlic softens the allium’s edge, to round out tomato, egg, vegetable, and shellfish.

Red Wine Shallot Butter mimics the maître ‘d butter so essential to French cuisine. Rely on its sweet/winey notes to accent red meat, stewed veggies, fish, and sauces.

· 3 oz. oval cups/9 per case

· Ship and store frozen, 18 month shelf life frozen/ 6 weeks slacked

· Distribution throughout most of the U.S.

· Seafrigo warehouse, Elizabeth NJ

M.A.D. Foods, the New York -based specialty food producer, introduced Black Truffle Butter and White Truffle Butter in 2006. The latter, with its musky, forest-fed flavor, won Specialty Food’s premier prize : sofi Gold, Outstanding New Product of the year. While the statue may have tarnished, this product remains a category leader.

Inspired by our French grandmère, adapted to the demanding American palate, produced in PA’s Amish country in small batches.