FDA Officials Clarify Proposed Changes To Nutrition Facts Labels

Participants at Regulatory RoundUP learned new details on Tuesday about the proposed changes to the nutrition facts information and serving sizes on food labels. Two officials from the Food and Drug Administration discussed how the new rules will affect dairy products, offered a clarification on products that will receive exemptions for dual column requirements and reviewed changes to the mandatory declaration of nutrients that apply to vitamins A and D.

During the session, “Stay a Step Ahead of Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label,” Jillonne Kevala, Ph.D., supervisory chemist, FDA, discussed the agency’s proposal to require food packages containing two to four servings to feature dual column labeling for nutrition information; one column would be cover individual serving size and the other would list information for the entire container.
Smaller Packages Exempt

Kevala said the proposed rules would exempt small packages with less than 40 square inches of labeling space, which are often used for cheeses. These small products are currently permitted to use the linear or tabular formats for nutrition facts panel and would not be subject to the new dual column requirements.

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