Mikawaya Launches MochiIceCream.com

LOS ANGELES — Mikawaya USA, maker of Mochi Ice Cream, debuted their new
website http://www.mochiicecream.com/. With a variety of interactive features,
the site seeks to engage customers with the brand. The site, which is a spinoff
of the Mikawaya website, was built to increase awareness and generate interest
and trial of the Mikawaya product, Mochi Ice Cream.

“Mochi Ice Cream is loved by all who try it,” said Frances Hashimoto, President
of Mikawaya. “That’s why we decided to dedicate a website exclusively to Mochi
Ice Cream and take the product mainstream.”

On the site, customers can download coupons, enter a video contest, sign up to
be brand ambassadors, throw Mochi Ice Cream parties, find distributors, petition
stores to carry Mochi Ice Cream, suggest new flavors, find their Mochi Ice Cream
personality match or even upload their serving suggestions/recipes!

Currently, Mochi Ice Cream is available in Mikawaya’s four retail locations
throughout southern California and one retail location in Honolulu, HI. Grocery
stores carrying the brand include: Trader Joe’s, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s,
Andronico’s and select Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Jensen’s and HOWS Markets, to name
a few. Mikawaya plans to break into convenience stores beginning 2010.

For more information on Mochi Ice Cream, the website launch or new distribution
call Nurit Kotick at 626-768-7602, visit http://www.mochiicecream.com/ or follow
Mochi Ice Cream on Facebook and Twitter.

Mikawaya is a 100-year-old family-run business that specializes in the creation
of fine Japanese pastries and desserts. Run by Frances Hashimoto and her husband
Joel Friedman, Mikawaya offers snack and dessert-lovers alike an alternative to
traditional ice cream. Mochi Ice Cream combines a well-known and loved dessert,
ice cream, with a chewy, marshmallow-type dough.