State says Maine Milk Passes Tests for ‘Forever Chemicals’

AUGUSTA — A state agriculture official said Wednesday that initial tests of Maine milk for the presence of “forever chemicals” showed “excellent” results, with all the samples testing below the state’s reporting limit for the substances that are causing health concerns nationwide.

But members of a task force acknowledged that additional testing – and a lot more financial resources – will be needed to deal with potential PFAS contamination on farms, in drinking water and in the waste inevitably produced by society.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry collected 26 containers of Maine-produced milk from retail stores around the state as well as samples from three dairy farms. The three farms, none of which was identified, were selected because they had a history of fertilizing their fields with treated sludge, which an Arundel farmer blames for contaminating his fields and his cows with dangerous levels of PFAS.

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