Yoplait Asana First Yogourt In Canada Fortified For Strong Bones

TORONTO /CNW/ – Despite bone health being a major preoccupation for women, especially as they get older, more than 70% of Canadian women are still not consuming enough calcium on a daily basis to keep their bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. Known as the “silent epidemic”, osteoporosis affects one in four Canadian women over the age of 50. The introduction of Yoplait Asana, the first and only yogourt to offer a unique fortified recipe for strong bones with two times more calcium than regular yogourt, now makes it easy for women to get the calcium that they need in the foods they eat every day.

Yoplait Asana(TM) is enriched with calcium, vitamin D and Milk Basic Protein (MBP), an innovative dairy ingredient exclusive to Yoplait in Canada and clinically
proven to suppress bone destruction and increase bone formation. Derived from bovine milk, it is a selected milk protein whose effectiveness on bone health has been proven in ten clinical studies, including five on humans. These three complementary ingredients work together to reinforce bones.

“I have had the opportunity to review and validate the scientific literature on from five different clinical trials on humans,” said Dr. Jacques P. Brown, Head, Division of Rheumatology, Laval University, CHUL. “As a bone health expert, I believe that the MBP(TM) in Yoplait Asana(TM) can have a beneficial effect on

Yoplait Asana(TM) delivers twice the calcium of regular yogourt: 20 per cent of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium and 15 per cent of the RDI of vitamin D.

“Yoplait has responded to the consumer preference to get the calcium they need on a daily basis from their food,” said Dr. milie Laurin, PhD, Yoplait R&D Manager, Scientific Affairs. “One serving (100g) of Yoplait Asana(TM) is enriched with 40 mg of MBP(TM) which contributes to the hig.

Yoplait Asana(TM) has 90 calories per serving and is made from 2% milk fat so it tastes great and has none of the chalky aftertaste typical in calcium enriched products.

Yoplait Asana(TM) will be available across Canada at grocery stores in November in a variety of formats and great flavours: 650g container in Vanilla, Strawberry and Plain flavours and two 8x100g packages with Strawberry/Fieldberry or Vanilla/Peach flavours. The 650g format retails for $3.99 and the eight-packs of 100g containers retail for $4.99-$5.49.

For more information, please visit www.yoplaitasana.com

About Yoplait

At the forefront of Canada’s yogourt and fresh cheese market for nearly 40 years, Yoplait products are synonymous with quality, diversity and innovation. Yoplait markets more than 100 products in Canada under such reputed brand names as Yoplait Minigo, Yoplait Tubes, Yoplait Source, Yop from Yoplait, Yoplait Creamy, Yoplait Basket Fat-Free, Yoptimal from Yoplait and new Yoplait Asana. Yoplait was the first yogourt manufacturer in Canada to offer a combination of vitamin D and calcium in all of its products, thereby helping Canadians achieve the daily recommended intake of these two nutrients. At Yoplait, eating healthfully and having fun is not a contradiction; it’s a mission. That is why the company offers yogourts and other dairy products to make so many of life’s moments more enjoyable. For more information about Yoplait products, visit www.yoplait.ca.

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