2022 – A Summer of Awards for Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company

On July 15th, the California State Fair named Bay Blue Cows’ Milk Best of Show. Bay Blue is a rustic-style blue cheese with a natural rind. It is known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted caramel finish. Best of Show celebrates the hard work, craftsmanship and unique character of the year’s very best California Cheese. Judges include respected cheesemakers, cheese merchants, writers, promoters, and educators. In addition to the highest honor of Best of Show, seven cheeses from the product line received medals in 5 different categories.

  • Semi Soft Blue Veined:  GOLD Bay Blue
  • Semi Soft Blue Veined:  SILVER Original Blue
  • Hard Cheese:  GOLD Aged Gouda
  • Semi Soft – White Surface Mold:  GOLD Quinta
  • Semi Hard Cheese:  GOLD TomaTruffle
  • Semi Hard Cheese:  SILVER TomaRashi
  • CA Originals – Cows’ Milk:  GOLD Toma

“There are so many amazing cheeses being made throughout this state –It’s really an honor to win five Golds AND the Best of Show Golden Bear award this year. Our goal as cheesemakers, is to deliver consistent, best-quality, artisan cheese every day and this recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work,” says Lynn Giacomini Stray, Co-Owner/COO.

On July 22nd in Portland, OR at its annual conference, the American Cheese Society awarded Point Reyes Farmstead five medals of recognition in the annual judging and competition.  The most prestigious cheese competition in the Americas, this year’s team of judges evaluated over 1500 entries across 120 categories.

  • Cheese wrapped in bark, leaves or grass:  2nd PLACE Quinta
  • Blue veined with a rind or external coating cows’ milk:  3rd PLACE Bay Blue
  • American Originals with Flavor Added – all milks:  1st PLACE TomaRashi
  • American Originals with Flavor Added – all milks:  2nd PLACE TomaProvence
  • Farmstead Aged 60+ days – 39%+ moisture cows’ milk:  1st PLACE California Coastal Blue

“It’s been a long, three-year hiatus from this competition (due to the pandemic) and to win BIG as our cheese community came back together, that is just awesome, especially the recognition for our newer cheeses: Quinta, TomaRashi and TomaProvence,” commented Jill Giacomini Basch, Co-Owner/CMO.

About Point Reyes Cheese Farmstead Cheese Company:

In 1959, Bob and Dean Giacomini established their successful dairy farm just north of Point Reyes Station, in Marin County, CA. In 2000, together with their daughters, the family began making hand-crafted cheese on the farm with milk from their own herd of Holsteins. In 2010, now WBENC certified Women-Owned by sisters Diana, Lynn and Jill, they opened The Fork, a culinary and educational center offering farm-to-table educational experiences for both consumers and the trade. In 2018 the company expanded to Petaluma, with the opening of a second creamery, warehouse and distribution center. The Point Reyes product line consisting of Toma, TomaTruffle, TomaProvence, TomaRashi, Bay Blue, Gouda, Quinta, CA Coastal Blue and Original Blue, is available nationally at independent cheese shops and specialty grocers, at the Fork, Bay Area farmers’ markets and online at www.pointreyescheese.com.

To learn more about Point Reyes Cheese Farmstead Cheese Company, please visit www.pointreyescheese.com.