Bubba’s Fine Foods Goes Bold on a Snack Classic

The paleo snack brand Bubba’s Fine Foods is putting the ubiquitous potato chip in its place with the launch of their Classic Sea Salt ‘Nana Chips this October. 

“The data was all there at our fingertips: people love sea salt!” explained Bubba’s CEO and co-founder Jeff Schmidgal. “Our preference for big, bold flavors prevented us from even contemplating a ‘sea salt’ flavor, but the sales numbers have shown something far different. All of our retailers are going to want to add this one to their lineup”

Bubba’s only uses prebiotic-packed green, Saba bananas cooked crisp and crunchy in coconut oil to deliver that addictive potato chip crunch without the guilt. Then, they’re sprinkled with apple cider vinegar and a smattering of sea salt. That’s it. Only 4 real food ingredients to create a flavor that has quickly become one of the favorites at the Bubba’s Fine Foods’ office.

Bubba’s Nana Chips Highlights:

• Made from low-sugar, green Saba bananas for that perfect starchy crunch without the sweet banana flavor

• Packed with vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics for gut health

• Doused in nutrient-dense coconut oil and bold, natural seasonings

  •  Kettle cooked for that classic crunch
  • Paleo-approved
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free
  • Free of refined sugars and artificial flavorings
  • Project Verified Non-GMO
  • Made in America in the heart of Loveland, Colorado

The new Classic Sea Salt ‘Nana Chips will be available online by the end of the month and will hit stores by October 15.

‘Nana Chips are also available in other finger-licking flavors, including Not-Cho Nacho, Blazing Buffalo, and Grand Garlic Parm.

Bubba’s Fine Foods can be purchased at www.bubbasfoods.com, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, King Soopers, and select retailers nationwide.


Since 2014, Bubba’s Fine Foods has been at the head of a natural health food revolution where smart, healthy choices finally meet big, bold flavors. Run by gourmet chef Jared Menzel and health coach and former CrossFit trainer Jeff Schmidgall, they’re satisfying your naughty and nice cravings with every wholesome green banana they peel, dash of chipotle they sprinkle, and nourishing handful you munch.