Rizo Bros California Creamery Wins First and Second Place in Two American Cheese Society Awards

MODESTO, CA – Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc., has won multiple first and second place awards by the American Cheese Society for their line of Hispanic cheeses.

Each year, the American Cheese Society recognizes different companies for their excellence in creating and producing cheeses, in different categories. For 2019, the Rizo Bros California Creamery has been awarded first place for Hispanic and Portuguese Style Cheeses Ripened, Aged Over 90 Days – All Milks for their Cotija, Grated Aged Mexican Cheese, 7 oz and second place for, in the same category, for their Cotija, Aged Mexican Grating Cheese, 8 oz. In the category of Hispanic and Portuguese Style Cheeses Cooking Hispanic – Cheeses Intended to Be Consumed Heated or Melted – All Milks, RBCC received first place for their Oaxaca, Mexican Melting String Cheese, 8 oz and second place for the Grilling Cheese, Halloumi Style Cheese, 8 oz.

“Winning these awards is a testament to the care and craft we put into our specially crafted and premium Hispanic cheeses,” stated Tomas Rizo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc.  “We are grateful to the American Cheese Society for recognizing our Cojita, Oaxaca, and Grilling cheeses as top cheeses in the nation. We look forward to continuing our success each year.”

Rizo Bros California Creamery’s family of classic Hispanic cheeses are hand-crafted with the finest quality of Grade A, locally sourced, rBST Free, California produced milk. Manufactured in Northern California and distributed nationwide, the state-of-the-art SQF facility is also Kosher Certified and family-owned and operated. In addition, the Old World craftsmanship, passed down through the generations, is what sets Rizo Bros California Creamery cheeses apart from its competitors.

For more information about Rizo Bros California Creamery and its line of specialty Hispanic cheese, visit www.rizobros.com.

About Rizo Bros California Creamery

Rizo Bros California Creamery is a family-owned Hispanic cheese brand offering a variety of Mexican specialty cheeses. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients in Northern California, Rizo Bros has mastered the traditional cheesemaking process infused with modern day techniques to create a distinctly unique brand. Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. has been producing quality cheese for over 29 years. For more information on Rizo Bros California Creamery family of products and for unique family recipes, please visit www.rizobros.com.

About the American Cheese Society (ACS)

ACS is the leading organization supporting the understanding, appreciation, and promotion of artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses produced in the Americas. At 2,400 members strong, ACS provides advocacy, education, business development, and networking opportunities for cheesemakers, retailers, enthusiasts, and extended industry. ACS strives to continually raise the quality and availability of cheese in the Americas. ACS’s certification programs, including the ACS CCP® Exam and the ACS T.A.S.T.E. Test™, encourage improved standards of comprehensive cheese knowledge and service in the cheese industry. Learn more: www.cheesesociety.org.