Halloween Staging: Tricks For Making Window And In-Store Displays A Treat

Q: How can I make a creative Halloween display without a lot of work?

A: With just a white sheet and a large pumpkin, you can do wonders. Cut a large crescent moon from cardboard or foam-centered board to use as the background, and paint it black. To make a ghost, crumple newspaper into a medium-sized ball, drape with a sheet and suspend it in front of the moon. To make this ghost appear to fly, attach lengths of fishing line to each corner of the sheet and tack to the ceiling or a nearby wall. In front of the ghost, place the biggest pumpkin you can find, or group a bunch of medium and small pumpkins.

These large graphic shapes of contrasting colorsblack moon, white flying ghost and orange pumpkinsare excellent for attracting attention, especially that of drive-by traffic. Best of all, this window display doesnt require merchandise; the Halloween elements are all that are required.

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