J Althea Creative to Add Collaborative Participation Course to Florist Education Program

Springdale, Arkansas, United States | Althea Wiles, florist educator for J Althea Creative Consulting and designer and owner of Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio, recently added a new course to her florist education program called Collaborative Participation 101. The entire concept was inspired by Althea Wiles’ real life experience with her florist community and businesses. You can learn more about this experience by reading the blog post, “Community Over Competition – What it Really Means,” on the J Althea Creative blog. For now, the course will be taught through one-on-one consulting and speaking engagements with Wiles. The course will focus on how to impact your community by engaging with others within your market and how to view fellow florists as friends instead of competitors for maximum results.

“Community over competition is a phrase we hear a lot, but rarely see in action. As hard as it can be to break out of the competition mindset, it is possible,” says Althea Wiles.

Wiles is constantly releasing new programs, digital downloads and speaking engagements for J Althea Creative. The best way to keep up with ways to learn the florist business is by following @jaltheacreative on Instagram. Floral recipe cards are available now for instant download at JAltheaCreative.com. Each card contains a photo of the desired floral arrangement, what materials are used, and how many of each stem/foliage is needed, final size and a description. Another form of learning the floral business with Althea Wiles is in the form of a collection of short courses of various intensity called The Pretty & Profitable Plan. Florist students can pick from a menu of options that fit their schedules but still offer the benefits of one-on-one learning. Interested persons can read more about the Pretty & Profitable Plan on the J Althea Creative website and inquire within.

“We are taught that to succeed in business, someone else must fail; that you have to be the best and anything less is failure; that sharing what you do and how you do it will hurt your business. For small businesses, this is incredibly isolating. For years, there was only one person locally that I was comfortable talking to about pricing, about how to create a new design, or ask for help when I had too much on my plate,” says Althea Wiles.

About Althea Wiles: Althea Wiles is the founder and education director of J Althea Creative, a florist consulting program in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is also the owner and lead designer of Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio. Althea earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hendrix College then completed her Arkansas Master Florist Certification. Her design studio takes part in 75-100 weddings and events annually and has been recognized by local and national publications as well as being a featured artist for the Art in Bloom gallery exhibits chosen and hosted by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. In addition, Wiles serves as a recurring instructor for the University of Arkansas’ horticulture program.

About Us: J Althea Creative is owned by florist educator, Althea Wiles, offering educational courses, one-on-one coaching, digital downloads and workshops for aspiring and established florists everywhere.

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