Myplant & Garden: Italian and World Horticulture Are Growing

Milan – The value of the production of flowers and plants in Italy in 2018 was estimated in 2,57 billion Euro (+1%). The growth continues for the second year in a row, after a decade of decline.

Export has reached record numbers:Italian horticulture is a core interest of global markets”. Italian products are exported on a larger scale: “Export had a growth of 7,6% in a year. It has reached the record sum of 884 million Euro, 706 of which of Italian products only, which in turn register a

positive growth of 9,3% if compared to the previous year” – say the organisers of Myplant. The positive trend translates into an active balance of 306 million Euro in the trade balance.

Italy: horticulture production at basic prices – 2018    
  Euro (mio) 2018 Euro (mio) 2017 var. % 2018/17
flowers and ornamental plants 1,165.629 1,162.555 0,3
nurseries    1,398.835 1,375.606 1,7
bamboo and wickerwork 2,150 2,260 -4,8

Export is fundamental for the development of the sector. For this reason at least 200 official delegations of buyers from Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa and Australia visit the trade fair: they wish to witness the quality and excellence of Italian products.”

Horticulture around the world

In 2018 horticulture production on a global level has reached 65 billion Euro.

The value of the production of flowers and ornamental plants (which includes cut flowers, foliage, pot plants and perennials) has been of 35,5 billion Euro: 11 billions in Europe, 7,5 in China, 4,4 in USA.

Almost thirty (29) billion Euro is the value of nursery plants in the whole world.

That of bulbs, instead, has been estimated in 121 million Euro.

The majority of flowers and ornamental plants nowadays is produced in Europe, where it is estimated that in 2018 the total value of production – including bulbs and nursery plants – was equal to 22 billion Euro. 28% of the total was generated in The Netherlands (cut flowers, pot plants, bulbs, annual and perennial plants), 16% in Germany (nurseries and garden plants), 14% in Spain and 12% in Italy (flowers and pot plants).

The surface dedicated to the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants in Europe is close to 82,000 hectares, 77% of which in the open and the rest in greenhouses. Italy only covers almost 7,500 hectares.

If The Netherlands, Japan and USA remain at the top of the global rankings for flower productions, the markets forecast a significant growth in the production in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The forecast is that global horticulture production will grow between 5 and 6% within a decade. A growth in production of pot plants and cut flowers is expected, primarily because of the growth in the demand for fragrances and products for personal hygiene. Moreover, sensibility towards environmental issues will result into a change in the traditional cultivating techniques, that will shift towards more environmental-friendly systems and the use of organic fertilisers.

References: development by Myplant on data from AIPH, Coherent Market Insights, Eurostat, Istat, Mipaaf

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