US House Votes To Extend The Expiring AGOA

Kenyan exporters got a reprieve after US president Barack Obama extended
trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa).

But the country may not afford spats with the Obama administration if it wants
to continue reaping from the opportunities in the American market. The US has
been pressuring Kenya to implement key reforms to avoid the recurrence of
political violence experienced two years ago.

Local exporters were worried that President Obama could delist the country from
the Agoa initiative for 2010 due to the growing diplomatic row between the US
and Kenya over the pace of reforms.

Photo Caption: President Kibaki (right) and Prime Minister Raila Odinga (left)
receive US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (centre) at the Agoa forum during
her visit to Kenya in August

Photo Credit: The Daily Nation

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