Want To Prompt Purchase And Preference For California Grown Flowers?

The California Cut Flower Commission has recently unveiled Hint Cards to help people drop a hint that they would like to receive America’s freshest source for high quality flowers: California Grown Flowers! Each set includes a strip of five Hint Cards that perforate off for easy use, along with information about what makes California Grown Flowers so special. With five choices, users are sure to find a Hint Card that suits their personality and lifestyle.

Hint Cards bring something new to the floral industry – to go in bunches or bouquets, feature in counter displays or send out with deliveries – and create a fun way for your customers to let that certain someone know they’d like more flowers in their life. They create a call-to-action that’s tough to ignore and that is intended to drive additional purchases. And because they can be customized, Hint Cards keep your customer’s brand at the top of their customers’ minds.

To help you get started, the Commission has created an online Hint Card Hub located on ccfc.org under the California Cut Flowers tab. The Hint Card Hub is your once stop destination for a suite of Hint Card resources. From a one-page Hint Card handout and power point presentation to videos and Hint Card artwork, here you will find all the tools youll need to learn about Hint Cards, how to market them and how to order them.

As the Hint Card program continues to grown and evolve, so will the Hint Card Hub. We encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think and how we can help you get your customers started on using Hint Cards in their shops and stores today!

CCFC staff is available at anytime to discuss with you or your customer the details related to this promising program! Contact Kasey Cronquist atkcronquist@ccfc.org.

Source: California Cut Flower Commssion