Why Valentine’s Day Is A Recession Proof Floral Holiday

This Prince & Prince (P&P) presentation will review key consumer data from the
2007 P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey related to floral purchases for
Valentines Day. The presentation will show the overall size, strength, &
resiliency of Valentines Day as a key floral holiday in the US. From the
consumer trend data, and in light of the current US recessionary climate, P&P
will detail new opportunities for floral wholesalers & suppliers to maintain or
expand sales for Valentines Day. Specifically, P&P presentation will show:

  • The overall size of the Valentines Day floral market in the US, and its
    sheer importance to floral wholesalers & suppliers.
  • The trends in consumer “Age Group” purchasing and “Teenager in Household”
    purchasing for Valentines Day.
  • The consistency in household floral purchasing for Valentines Day across
    the past decade, and throughout major regions of the US.
  • The trends in “penetration” of Valentines Day purchasing across the
    households floral budget, and across levels of household income.
  • The profile of Valentines Day floral purchasing in US central cities of
    metro areas, towns, rural areas, and in the suburbs of metro areas.
  • By understanding consumers perception of floral “Value”, successful
    strategies for floral wholesalers and suppliers can be readily identified.

As the US market headed into recession in 2007, several consumer floral gifting
occasions flagged, but Valentines Day largely maintained its relatively high
level of consumer floral purchasing. This P&P presentation will identify no less
than FOUR key opportunities for wholesalers & suppliers to maintain or expand
Valentines Day sales, all supported by the P&P consumer research. These relate
to Product Offerings, Pricing Strategies, Consumers Perception of Value, and
Wholesalers Service Emphasis.

Dont miss this exciting and revealing presentation that will likely change the
way you view the Valentines Day Holiday – – for the better!


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