Farmland Seasoned Pork Spices Up The Meat Case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Fajitas have never been more popular,
and Farmland offers consumers an easy way to get them sizzling from the grill to
the dinner table.

Farmland Seasoned Pork for Fajitas comes preseasoned for a flavorful, authentic
taste, and features a great cut of pork that’s more tender than beef flank steak
and more moist than chicken varieties.

The seasoned pork is also easy to prepare. Consumers can grill it over an open
flame and then cut it into tasty strips, or cut it up and then pan fry it.
Either way, customers will love the zesty flavor and dependability of pork, from
the Farmland brand that’s known and trusted nationwide.

Consumers are always looking for ways to make meal time more interesting, said
Bert Lawson, manager of the Farmland Foods Test Kitchen. Fajitas allow for more
socialization at the dinner table. Once the meat is cooked, and all the toppings
are on the table, everyone builds their own fajita. Customization is an
important feature to consumers, plus with today’s economic woes, more consumers
are entertaining at home. What better way to socialize and eat than making

Farmland Seasoned Pork for Fajitas comes in a convenient 1.5 pound package,
perfect for a family feast. And the striking label captures attention and sets
the mood for a mealtime event, year round.

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Fajitas and other items from Farmland Foods.

Since 1959, Farmland has maintained a proud heritage of working side-by-side
with American Farm Families, using time-honored traditions to make great-tasting
food that you can proudly serve your customers. It’s how we’ve always done it,
and how we’ll be doing it for generations to come. Farmland. Good Food from the

Source: Farmland Foods