Greenfield Farms Food Expanding Grassfed Beef Availability In Lowes Foods

SILVER SPRINGS, NV — Greenfield Farms Food, Inc. announced today that Lowes Foods, a North Carolina based grocer with over 100 locations, has expanded the availability of Greenfield Farms Grassfed Beef to all stores with service departments, a total of 80 stores. The product has been available in 21 stores and is now available to be ordered by all service department stores as a regular in stock item. Greenfield's president, Larry Moore, said, "Lowes Foods has been an early supporter of our grassfed beef program as part of their larger initiative to expand their locally grown offerings. We are excited about the opportunity that these additional stores offer and our continued partnership with Lowes Food Stores."

About Greenfield Farms Food, Inc.
Greenfield Farms Food, Inc. (GFF) is a consumer and wholesale driven producer of grassfed beef focused on delivering its product to major retail grocery chains throughout the country. The Company and its collective group of producers represent over 2,500 acres in pasture under management and approximately 2,000 heads of cattle. The company is a recognized producer of grassfed beef by the USDA-Food Safety and Inspection Service and is approved to carry the designation "Grassfed Beef" on all product labeling. The company operates a cold storage and distribution facility in Oakboro, NC.

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Source: Greenfield Farms Food, Inc.