Help Shoppers Be Heart-Smart With Beef, And Save

Nearly two-thirds of consumers want the foods they eat to improve their heart health.* Your store is in the unique position to help these shoppers understand how your most profitable protein – beef – can be part of a heart-healthy diet. The Beef Checkoff recognizes this and is now giving you the ability to display the coveted American Heart Association® Heart-Check mark on nine different extra-lean beef cuts, at no cost to you. Why should you participate?

Shoppers trust the Heart-Check Mark

The Heart-Check mark is used by 72 million adults (30% of the population) to make purchase decisions in the grocery store.**

Drives purchase intent

3 in 4 consumers who are familiar with the Heart-Check mark are more likely to purchase foods that feature the Heart-Check mark.***

It's free

There's no cost to participate. The Beef Checkoff will pay all fees to display the Heart-Check mark on pack for these 9 extra-lean beef cuts.

We're with you every step of the way

You'll receive support from the Beef Checkoff  throughout the entire American Heart Association® Food Certification application and implementation process.

Get started today

Source: The Beef Checkoff Program