Impossible Burger’s Grocery Rollout Gets Environmental Group Objection

The Impossible Burger plans to make its way onto supermarket shelves as soon as next month, but an environmental group is trying to stand in its way.

Friends of the Earth filed an objection to Impossible Foods’ grocery store plan, arguing that the faux meat maker’s “magic ingredient,” soy leghemoglobin or “heme,” has not been adequately tested for safety because only the company has done assessments. Heme is made with a genetically modified yeast, and Friends of the Earth objects to the use of GMOs in the food supply, citing safety concerns.

“Impossible Food’s GMO-derived soy leghemoglobin should not be deemed safe by the FDA based on the inadequate scientific evidence and the absence of responsible safety regulations, and therefore should not be permitted on the market,” the organization wrote in its comments.

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