There’s No Beef When This Meal Graces The Party Table

If you ask the average person to name a premium cut of beef, you might hear
strip steak, rib-eye or porterhouse. I think the most common answer would be
filet or tenderloin, the one cut of beef that is as advertised – the most tender
part of the loin.

When I was younger, steak for dinner was always a huge deal. In our house, steak
always meant sirloin, which was a very flavorful cut of meat but a bit less
expensive and firmer eating than the top tier. I always thought of those other
steaks as restaurant steaks, with my early limited experience being the small
grilled filet at Boder’s in Mequon that I could barely finish half of after
first consuming twice my body weight in fruit-filled muffins.

Come to think of it, I had never seen nor partaken in a premium cut in ours or
anyone else’s home until a fateful summer day in the early ’60s.

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