USDA Refuses AMI Petition On Irradiation

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has refused to approve carcass
irradiation, a processing technology that could make meat, especially ground
beef, safer, according to the North American Meat Purveyors Assn. (NAMP).

NAMP reported that its executive committee met recently with representatives of
USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service and Food Safety & Inspection Service and
were told that the department was denying a request by the American Meat
Institute (AMI) that carcass irradiation be approved.

AMI made the request last year (Feedstuffs, Sept. 28, 2009), but agency
representatives told the executive committee that AMI asked that carcass
irradiation be approved as a processing aid but that processing aids are being
too closely scrutinized at this time for USDA to move forward on the matter.

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