Atalanta Introduces Sweety Drops – A New Vegetable With A Sweet Taste

Elizabeth, NJ – A tiny, bright red wonder is the newest product to hit supermarket shelves and chef’s kitchens, sure to make an impact on the US Ethnic Foods market and put a spotlight on the robust agriculture business in Peru. Known as “Sweety Drops,” these small, tear-shaped peppers originated in the Peruvian Amazon, where it was brought back to the Gandules Inc. headquarters in Peru. Here, the growing and cultivation process was perfected over a period of two years, where the unique vegetable is ready to be introduced in markets from the US, to South America and Asia.

As the exclusive importer of this exotic vegetable, Atalanta looks to expand the presence of Peruvian foods in US supermarkets, marking on a growing trend of ethnic foods moving onto more pantry shelves and dinner tables. Known for influences from Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Peruvian cuisine relies heavily on fruits, grains and vegetables, especially peppers, including Sweety Drops. With its brilliant red hue and slightly sweet, crunchy taste, Sweety Drops would make a great addition to sweet and savory dishes alike.

Producers of grapes, mangos, chilies and avocados, Gandules Inc. has seen its global influence expand over the past decade. As Emerson Sanchez of Gandules Inc. explained in a recent issue of Food News, “Demand for our ethnic products is good – Peruvian foods are becoming popular around the world… [and] every year we try to develop new products [like Sweety Drops.]”

Look for Sweety Drops and other Atalanta specialties at the upcoming Fancy Food Show, Booth #4809, from January 20-22, in San Francisco, CA. For more product information about the Atalanta Corporation, visit

Source: Atalanta Corporation