Eat Real, Feel Amazing: Melissa’s Unveils 2024 Food Trends Report

Los Angeles, CA – Buckle up, foodies! Melissa’s, the leading purveyor of the freshest, most unique produce, unveils its 2024 Food Trend Report, a vibrant roadmap for culinary adventures ahead. This year, it’s all about swapping complicated meat alternatives with real, whole foods, embracing “Blue Zone” ingredients, and getting familiar with sweet-tart and spicy flavors from around the world.

Eat Real Food: Step aside, ultra-processed faux meats! Celery root is the new cauliflower steak, while maitake mushrooms replace chicken with meaty satisfaction. Jackfruit continues to wow as a pulled-pork substitute, while Hearts of Palm surprises as a replacement for crab.

Food as Medicine: We’re taking notes on the diets enjoyed by people living in “Blue Zones,” or areas with considerable longevity compared to the rest of the population, and we’ve learned that plant-powered ingredients like Okinawa sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, pressed tofu and chayote squash may be key to their health and wellness.

“It” Ingredients: Chefs and industry experts predict that tangy tamarind, vibrant jamaica (hibiscus), sunny goldenberries, warm turmeric and smoky-spicy Guajillo peppers will pop up on menus and social media feeds in 2024. Also, on the plate and palate? Hemp leaves!

Get ready to savor a year of exciting flavors, healthy choices, and culinary adventures!

View our full Food Trends Report and discover a world of fresh possibilities:

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