Farm Up Jamaica Turmeric Available Now

Westmoreland, Jamaica – Nestled in the untouched western region of Jamaica, lies a quaint community of farmers which is home to some of the best heirloom, organically-grown, wild-crafted Turmeric (curcuma longa.)  Planted some 70 years ago, this turmeric continues to grow, with absolutely no maintenance.  This potent Jamaican Turmeric has some of the highest medicinal-grade properties- similar to its cousin, Jamaican ginger.  Recent clinical studies have confirmed that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is perhaps the most effective product available to support a healthy inflammation response in the body, while providing antioxidant defense for cells within the liver, nerves, brain and circulation system. Turmeric is also well-recognized for its antibiotic properties as well as its diabetes and cancer- fighting capabilities. 

Many large companies are now finding turmeric very useful in other ways.  For example, most recently, Kraft began sourcing turmeric in order to replace the inorganic food dyes originally found in their macaroni and cheese.  For centuries, Turmeric has been known as the wonder spice and used to prepare foods within various regions around the globe, primarily India.

Farm Up Jamaica is a non-profit organization formed to create global, multi-impact partnerships in order to help expand the production of organically-grown produce like Turmeric while preserving its heirloom, wild-crafted, Jamaican integrity. Buyers and sponsors who participate in multi- impact sourcing with Farm Up Jamaica will help revitalize dormant farming communities and create green jobs while inspiring young agriculturists to pursue entrepreneurships within Jamaica’s Agriculture sector.  Our partners enjoy discounted prices along with the profound satisfaction that comes with fulfilling one’s social responsibility.  We invite organizations and corporations to carry out their social responsibility by partnering with us like our some of our most current, generous partners: d?TERRA Essential Oils Marley Natural.  See more of what we do here:

Source: Farm Up Jamaica