Frieda's Exclusive European Premiere Delights

Last Thursday, June 4, at the One Aldwych Hotel in London, an intimate gathering of food media and produce veterans reunited after The London Produce Show and Conference to experience the European premiere of Fear No Fruit, an inspiring documentary about Frieda Caplan and her specialty produce empire.

Long-time friends, such as Jim Prevor, Rick and Tonya Antle, Tim York, and others attended to support Karen Caplan, Frieda’s chief executive and president (and first daughter of Frieda) at the showing. Guests enjoyed tasty canapés highlighting produce and kiwi martinis before the screening.

After the screening, Caplan sat with PRODUCE BUSINESS editor-in-chief Jim Prevor to share behind-the-scenes details about making the film and to answer questions from the audience. When asked about the company’s path to where it is today, Caplan credited her mother’s “fearlessness as a business woman and family leadership” for paving the way to the company’s success.

When asked about the family dynamic between Karen and her sister, Jackie Caplan Wiggins, Caplan said, “Jackie and I are freaks; I used to think she was ‘invading my playground.’ Then we discovered that we are partners and complement each other as a team … I couldn’t image running this company without her.”

Up next for the film’s European exposure, it will show at the Sheffield Videotheque as part of the 2015 Sheffield/Documentary Fest from June 5 – 10.