G&R Farms has Launched a New Website

Glennville, GA – G&R Farms, a leader in providing year-round sweet onions, has launched a new website.  Designed to be more consumer-friendly and interactive, the site showcases the company’s story and rich history as one of the original pioneers of the Vidalia® onion brand.   

This is one of several new initiatives that the company has launched in the past few months as part of their new strategic direction which began with their new logo and brand image.  “We’re very pleased with the new website because it better reflects our values as a third-generation family farm,” said Walt Dasher, Vice President of G&R Farms.  “This includes our dedication to sustainability and how we perfect the consistent, premium quality of our sweet onions, year-round.  The site also features our new seasonal promotions especially our newly expanded Growing America’s Farmers campaign.” 

Consumers can download a free recipe booklet entitled “Taste the Memories” that features the family’s tried-and-true recipes throughout the years.  Additional recipes can be found on the site along with tips on how to store and preserve sweet onions.   “On the home page, we took advantage of our drone footage to give consumers a first-hand view of our fields in Georgia and Peru,” remarked Dasher.        

A new blog features Research and Development manager, Cliff Riner on video giving monthly field tours showcasing the Vidalia onion growing process from seed to harvest in preparation of the upcoming Spring season.  “Cliff is a natural when it comes to being a really good educator and his passion for growing sweet onions is evident in these videos,” stated Dasher.   “He served as the coordinator of the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center and prior to that, spent over a decade with the University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service so he has lots of experience and is well-versed on the sweet onion production process.”

The new website, at GRFarmsOnoins.com will be updated regularly to provide the latest details on seasonal promotional campaigns, showcase the monthly field tours and feature new recipes and sweet onion tips for consumers. 

About G&R Farms

As a third-generation family farm, G&R Farms began in Southeast Georgia with a small farm in 1945.  Today, the organization has grown to over 5,000 acres encompassing several crops with a main focus on sweet onions.   G&R Farms has been growing, packing, marketing and shipping sweet onions for nearly seven decades.  The company is dedicated to providing consistent quality year-round while perfecting the quality and flavor of sweet onions through research and development.  For more information visit www.grfarmsonions.com.