Grow Solutions Kicks off $ 10.5M Contract with Delivery of Certified Construction Documents to Foundation Farms

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan — Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (OTCPink: GRSO) is pleased to announce the completion of architectural and engineering drawings for the planned Pure Roots Urban Farms facility with Foundation Farms Corp. in British Columbia, Canada. This represents a significant milestone, marking the beginning of the permitting phase for the first of GRSO’s planned network of Pure Roots Urban Farms in a contract worth $10.5m.

The drawings will not only facilitate construction of the 1st farm with the client but provide a reproducible blueprint for permitting and construction of future farms based around GRSO’s modular AeroPods. Due to their fully self-contained design, AeroPod-based facilities can be used to grow and process fresh, nutrient-dense produce in virtually any environment. With space to grow more than 9,000 plants per AeroPod, Pure Roots Urban Farms facilities can provide food for a large population and being a closed system, outside elements such as the climate, growing season, disease and pests don’t constrain production.

On the impact of this milestone President & CEO of Grow Solutions Chad Fischl noted, “We are excited to finalize the footprint of our first facility of many that can have a substantial impact on food sovereignty. Given the recent impacts of tariffs, closed borders, food contamination, and pandemics, we are beginning to see truly how fragile our food supply chains are. A fully developed network of Pure Roots Facilities, each serving customers within a local radius, can help create a more robust food system that insulates whole communities and possibly countries from issues that compromise food security in the rest of the world.”

As the project progresses from the drawing to the permitting phase GRSO will continue to work with partners Engcomp and CONCEPT PLUS Architecture and Engineering to deliver the three-AeroPod facility. Mr. Fischl remarked that the team is “committed to searching out as many contracted modular builders as possible, that can meet our high standards, so that we can reduce the risk of being bottle necked on production output as we anticipate quick growth.” Due to its modular construction, GRSO and partners anticipate a two to three-month timeline on construction of this first farm, along with approximately one month of conferring with the permitting office. Fischl continues, “As we build out additional facilities, we hope to cut that time in half.” 

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