iFoodDS Launches Shelf Life Monitoring to Empower Grocery Retailers in Their Quest for Fresher Produce

Seattle, Wash.– iFoodDS announces the launch of its new Shelf Life Monitoring Solution, available as a user-friendly mobile app on Android and Apple operating systems. Developed for grocery retailers and their distribution center inspectors, this app features several key capabilities:  

  • Record fresh produce deterioration over time, up until the end of the anticipated shelf life period. 
  • Store inspection results in a cloud-based system for instant, secure access.
  • Compare suppliers, locations and other factors to identify the root cause of shelf life issues.   
  • Share insights with suppliers to proactively manage freshness.
  • Make better sourcing decisions with the help of real-time reports and data benchmarking. 
  • Configure to quality workflows and inspection requirements.
  • Establish standardized shelf life audits across all facilities. 

Shelf Life Monitoring is available as a standalone application or as part of the iFoodDS Quality Insights Solution. Combining Quality Insights with Shelf Life Monitoring gives retailers a full picture of produce quality trends and supplier performance. The mobile applications standardize inspection procedures, while detailed reports and dashboards allow retailers to benchmark performance, improve sourcing and reduce shrink. 

“Consumers are more aware than ever of the impact food waste has on the environment, and they want to see retailers addressing the issue through sustainability efforts. We developed Shelf Life Monitoring as a way to empower retailers to identify the root causes of shrink,” says Todd Berg, VP Product Management & Analytics at iFoodDS. “The core value of our offering is the insights retailers gain. We take the data they capture on produce shelf life and show them the larger trends and issues.” 

iFoodDS offers Shelf Life Monitoring as a tool to help retailers proactively manage food waste and improve the freshness of their fruits and vegetables. By sharing valuable insights with their supply chain partners, they can work collaboratively to address the root causes of shrink. 

For more information on Shelf Life Monitoring and iFoodDS’ other food quality and safety solutions, visit iFoodDS.com. Please direct any media inquiries to Teighlor Bodrie, Product Marketing Manager, at teighlor@ifoodds.com

About iFoodDS: 

iFoodDS offers connected food safety, quality and traceability solutions that make it easier to deliver wholesome, fresh, high-quality produce to consumers. These solutions provide the tools to transform inspection processes, gain insight into suppliers, reduce shrink and optimize the quality of inventory.