Joint Statement By Pure Pacific Organics and Braga Fresh Family Farms

Gonzales, CA – Braga Fresh and Pure Pacific Organics, LLC, an affiliated company of Pacific International Marketing are pleased to announce their agreement regarding the sale of the Pure Pacific processing facility in Gonzales, CA to Braga Fresh.

“We have been a longstanding grower for Pacific, and we are honored to build on that relationship with having the opportunity to co-pack for them”, said Rod Braga, President and CEO of Braga Fresh. “We are excited to join this new facility with our current location in Salinas, California to meet our future growth needs” continued Braga.  Braga Fresh looks forward to welcoming Pure Pacific’s employees to our team and look forward to working with Pure Pacific’s customers.

“It’s important for us to make sure we continue to provide the best service to our customers and to make sure our employees are taken care of”, said Dave Johnson,  President of Pacific International Marketing.

Additional information can be obtained about Braga Fresh at and about Pacific at