Lytone Announces Successful Trial Results for Mangosteen in Thailand

Reliability of freshness in shipping is essential when you are dealing with a fast-ripening fruit like Mangosteen. Lytone’s Lytofresh® Technology has been proven to be a significant solution that delays ripening in the Mangosteen fruit’s post-harvest phase, providing this delicious and high quality fruit to a wider global market. The success of the trial was performed in cooperation with Dragon Fresh, an export company in Thailand that serves the region to include China’s high-end market.

The tropical fruit, native to Southeast Asia and primarily grown in Thailand and Vietnam, has traditionally required rapid transportation because of its propensity to ripen very quickly.

With China being the largest market for Mangosteen, shipping is typically restricted to air freight for high end fruits to ensure top quality. The supply chain is nevertheless hampered by the fruit’s tendency to display a brownish Calyx even with a very brief exposure to high heat due to the global warming stress, resulting in customer complaints and defect claims. Lytone’s proprietary LytoFresh® technology, as revealed in the recent trial, effectively inhibits such browning of the fruit, thus sustaining freshness and shelf life.

LytoFresh® technology takes into consideration of field heat removal, pathogen control, and ethylene control as well as moisture maintenance, all conforming to the current industrial facilities without adding too much investments. The result allows Dragon Fresh to ship their top-quality mangosteen to China by regular land and sea freights without fear of loss due to unexpected delay and stress on the fruits. Dragon Fresh expects their export business should be more successful with application of LytoFresh® and intend to continue using the technology in the future.

LytoFresh® is a technology system developed by Lytone Enterprises over a period of 25 years. The target of the system is to help growers, packers, and retailers along the entire supply chain of fresh produce to maintain and extend shelf life for both nutritious and economic benefits. It has been in practice by over 85% of flower growers in Taiwan, Vietnam, and other regional markets.

LytoFresh® technology employs several branded products such as AnsiP®, KaDoZan®, Natacoat®, and Chitamin®, etc. to be used judiciously according to technical design for each crop. Lytone and its LytoFresh® technology system represent not only improved efficiency and reliability; but also offer competitive pricing throughout the supply chain. It has gained widespread attention for its application in long-distance transportation of produce as well as off-season storage of some of the items. Lytone expects to bring LytoFresh® to both North and South American markets in the near future.

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