Ohio Produce Growers Balk At National Leafy Greens Plan

MOUNT HOPE, Ohio Produce growers in the worlds most populous Amish community are concerned regulations approved for California could put Amish and other small growers out of business if made into a national standard.

Billed as the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, the plan was formed in response to food safety concerns, especially outbreaks of E. coli. It incorporates food safety practices and mandatory government inspections. California growers approved it in 2007, but the plan is now being considered as a standard for other states and potentially the nation, officials say.

Ohio growers cry foul

But some Ohio growers, both English and Amish, say Ohio is vastly different from California, in terms of the size of its operations and crops grown, and no one plan should be made to regulate the two states, or other states that may differ.

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