Peakfresh Celebrates 10 Years Of Success

Anaheim, Calif. With the start of 2010, the produce industry enters a new decade with business challenges resulting from a volatile economic climate. Companies are looking for ways to do more with less resources, all while being green. For the last 10 years and growing, PEAKfresh continues to offer easy and practical solutions that help produce companies become more sustainable financially and environmentally.

Through its manufacturing and supply of specialty Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and related products, PEAKfresh helps produce companies adopt more socially responsible and sustainable business solutions.

Based on proprietary mineral technology embedded in their film, PEAKfreshs products carton liners, bulk bin liners, sheeting and pallet covers – naturally remove ethylene gas given off by packaged produce that causes and promotes decay. PEAKfresh products protect fruits, vegetables and flowers from ethylene gas and other exposure during long shipping and storage periods, while ensuring that the shipped produce arrives at its destination fresh and safe.

As every grower/shipper knows, ethylene and condensation is the enemy of packaged produce, said Greg, Ganzerla, president of PEAKfresh USA. In addition to removing ethylene that causes decay, our technology also supplies an anti-fog treatment to reduce moisture levels and draws condensation onto the film, inhibiting mold and bacteria growth on the produce. We are very proud of our sustainable business approach because it is a win-win for everyone produce and flower suppliers, retailers and consumers alike.

During a time when reducing carbon footprint is of primary concern, PEAKfresh offers a green solution. Some of the nations leading farmers, packers and exporters of strawberries have had particular success in using PEAKfresh as an alternative to carbon dioxide-based (CO2-TECTROL) produce packaging technology. Dover, Fla.-based Parksdale Farm grows strawberries and has used PEAKfresh technology for seven years.

We grow and ship our strawberries to distances as far as Toronto, Canada and the northeastern part of the United States, and have found no difference on arrival between PEAKfresh and traditional CO2-TECTROL gassing technologies, said Ken Andrews of Parksdale Farm. Because PEAKfresh is easier to use, we have saved a lot of time and money in packing our berries but more importantly, we feel environmentally responsible by not engaging a gassing method.

As PEAKfresh celebrates its tenth anniversary, it proudly thanks California-based Valley Fresh and Florida-based Dixie Growers for their loyalty in using PEAKfresh for packing and shipping strawberries.

Weve used PEAKfresh for ten years to package and ship our strawberries to market with great success, said John Cottle of Watsonville, Calif.-based Valley Fresh. We like PEAKfresh so much, we sell its proven technology to other growers with extreme confidence. All I tell them is to ask for a free trial and theyll discover on their own how easy it is in time and labor to use PEAKfresh.

Carolyn Howell, of Dixie Growers in Plant City, Florida, has also experienced the benefits of packing and shipping strawberries with PEAKfresh for the last 10 years. Weve never missed all the pallets, gas machines, tape and labor needed to bag with CO2-TECTROL. Retailers simply want the strawberries bagged and delivered fresh. We tried PEAKfresh and it works just as well today as when we first used it 10 years ago.

Besides the legacy of success with strawberry growers, PEAKfresh is expanding into new fruit and vegetable produce segments. The last 10 years have been very rewarding as growers discovered the cost effective and earth-friendly benefits of our technology. We know that being a tried-and-true gas-free alternative in Modified Atmosphere Packaging will take us into the next ten years and beyond, added Ganzerla.

Trusted for 10 years by some of the industrys leading growers/shippers, packers and exporters, PEAKfresh ensures that more than $300 million in produce arrives at its destination worldwide, fresher, safer and tastier. PEAKfresh is highly effective for protecting a variety of produce and flowers prone to early ripening, including berries, asparagus, cut flowers, broccoli, tomatoes, stone fruits and mixed loads of fresh vegetables.

PEAKfresh currently has six commercial products including carton liners for long-distance shipping; bulk bin liners and pallet covers; an iceless broccoli packaging (also works great for green onions, carrots and radishes); Duo Bags for Fresh Herbs; and, Flower Sheets and Bags. All PEAKfresh products are recyclable and certified to be in compliance with organic standards.

Source: Pearkfresh USA