RIND Snacks Sparks Summer Fuzz with Limited-Edition Peach Chips, Exclusively at Thrive Market

NEW YORK — What’s all the fuzz about? RIND® Snacks is excited to announce its first exclusive product launch – Peach Chips – in partnership with health-first membership for conscious living, Thrive Market. The limited-time offering delivers sweet, summery, stone fruit flavors with a unique crispy crunch. RIND Peach Chips embody whole fruit snacking at its finest, with single-ingredient California peaches and nothing added – just as Mother Nature intended! Each 3 oz bag of RIND Peach Chips contains healthy sources of vitamins A and C, as well as nine grams of fiber per bag and only 100 calories per serving. Peach Chips, like all of RIND®‘s products, contain no added sugars or preservatives and are naturally vegan, gluten-free, Kosher certified and non-GMO verified.

“The time was ripe for a bolder, fresher take on fruit snacking – one that is better aligned with consumers’ preferences for pure, whole fruit with big, bright flavor,” noted Matt Weiss, RIND®‘s founder & CEO. “The idea of taking one of the most beloved staples of summer, like yellow peaches, and creating a tangy, thin-cut chip was there for the picking! We’re thrilled to be partnering with the online leader in sustainable, healthy and affordable shopping, Thrive Market, for our first-ever exclusive launch.”

RIND®‘s mission is to maximize nutrition and minimize waste through the ‘Power of the Peel.‘  The brand uses upcycled, rescued produce while retaining a fruit’s natural, nutrient-rich skin through a proprietary, low-heat dehydration process. With its rapid growth and distribution, RIND® is on track to divert over one million pounds of edible food waste from landfills this year. The brand is helping pave the way for a new generation of ‘conscious consumers’ focused on whole fruit nutrition and upholding sustainable, transparent best practices.

“We love bringing to ‘fruit-ion’ innovative and healthy products that align seamlessly with our core values,” shared James Ren, Thrive Market director of branded merchandising. “These addictive, upcycled Peach Chips from RIND® are a fun and functional seasonal snack we’re proud to exclusively offer to our members.”

Peach Chips are RIND®‘s latest venture beyond the traditional, chewy dried fruit category, building on last year’s launch of crispy, thin-cut Fruit Chips in vibrant flavors, including Orange and Kiwi. RIND®‘s limited-edition Peach Chips will be available exclusively at Thrive Market beginning Tuesday, July 5, while supplies last.

About RIND® 
RIND® is a line of functional and sustainable whole-fruit snacks that encourage consumers to ‘Keep it Real & Eat the Peel.’  Launched in NYC in 2018, RIND® is the result of a multigenerational family focus on delicious, all-natural foods that sustain personal and planetary health. By gently dehydrating whole fruit with its nutrient-rich skins intact, RIND® is packed with fiber and vitamins and helps fight food waste by using upcycled, whole produce that would otherwise go to waste. The company’s products are non-GMO Verified, Kosher, naturally vegan and gluten-free. For more information, visit rindsnacks.com or follow them on social media @rindsnacks.