Royal Rose Radicchio Certified As A 'Superfood'

SALINAS, CA – Royal Rose Radicchio was officially certified a “Superfood” based on a laboratory analysis of its nutritional breakdown, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.  The levels of Lutein, Flavonols, and Flavones were very significant; as was the level of fiber a single serving of radicchio contained. 

“The benefits of Radicchio put this unique vegetable in the “Superfood” category. Radicchio is rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that are thought to promote heart health, reduce cholesterol, increase vitamin C utilization and may reduce cancer risk," says Jennifer LeDuc, RD, CNSC, the Clinical Nutrition Manager with the acclaimed Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. "Radicchio is versatile enough to be part of a salad and can be used as the main entrée when roasted, grilled, braised, or barbequed.  Health conscious chefs and home cooks nationwide are discovering radicchio not only for its undeniable health benefits, but for its year round availability, great taste and versatility.”

The most noteworthy antioxidant evaluated in Royal Rose Radicchio was the level of Anthocyanidins. In fact, this sugarless plant pigment is what makes our new Superfood even more super, outscoring blueberries, spinach, and, radicchio’s nemesis, red cabbage! Anthocyanidins are a class of flavonoids responsible for the intense color of fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, raspberries, and red onions. The sugarless plant pigments are proven assets to human health. Anthocyanidins are unique flavonoids because of how well they are maintained in the human body once eaten, making them incredibly beneficial to consume regularly. 

Anthocyanidins serve as powerful antioxidants, helping fight against the free radicals that age skin and cause chronic illness. New research suggests that these same anthocyanidins positively impact collagen production in blood, soft tissue, blood vessels, and ligaments, making them useful in treating everything from varicose veins, to arthritis, to skin beautifying. (reviewed by the Medical Review Board) defines an anthocyanidin as a “sugarless plant pigment…that has antioxidant, antiplatelet, and wound-healing properties …which may help fight heart disease and cancer.” Anthocyanidins are also unique in that they are able to protect cells and tissues from free radical damage in both water- soluble and fat-soluble environments.  Anthocyanidins are estimated to have fifty times the antioxidant activity of both vitamin C and vitamin E.

Nutrition and dietary professionals agree that radicchio should be integrated into a balanced diet, and that the benefits of eating antioxidant-rich foods can enhance a healthy lifestyle. Please see for recipes and more nutritional information on Royal Rose Radicchio. And let us know how you enjoy Royal Rose Radicchio on Facebook and Twitter. 

About Royal Rose

Royal Rose Radicchio has been adding fresh color to the “Salad Bowl of the World” in Salinas, California since 1993 when Italian farmers Lucio Gomiero and Carlo Boscolo teamed up with Salinas Valley growers to bring seasonal radicchio to America year-round. Royal Rose LLC currently follows the sun through multiple growing regions to supply the emergent market with field-fresh radicchio from California, Florida, Arizona, and Mexico. Led by company president Dennis Donohue, Royal Rose’s FRESHER-BIGGER-BETTER program reflects an ongoing commitment to educating consumers about this powerful vegetable’s versatility and freshness.
Royal Rose Radicchio’s main products are Italian in origin. Red chicories like Radicchio, Treviso, Verona, and Tardivo are all from the Veneto region of Italy. Other chicories like Frisee and Puntarelle are green, but possess similar chicory flavors and nutrients to their beautiful red counterparts. The varieties of radicchio are named after the Italian regions where they originate. Chioggia is the most common variety grown and identified in the United States with its round, grapefruit-size heads. Treviso is an elongated version of radicchio resembling a large Belgian endive, or a red romaine heart. Tardivo and Castelfranco resemble ‘flowers’ and are only available in winter months. Radicchio farmers in the Veneto region are so proud of their radicchio that they have sought to have Protected Geographical Status applied to the names of these radicchio varieties to keep them tied to their original growing regions, much like Parmesan cheese and Champaign. Radicchio has long been a traditional family favorite in Italy, and is gaining popularity around the United States for its versatility and nutrition… and scrumptious crunch! 

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