Superfresh Orchard Update: Water Reservoirs & Cascadian Snowpack

Yakima, WA – Dave Gleason, Horticulturist and Proprietary Variety Developer, discusses the transition to high-density orchard systems for efficiency and safety in the February Superfresh Growers® Orchard Update. He emphasizes the importance of water management in their arid region, highlighting the need to monitor river flows and reservoir levels. Despite nature’s unpredictability, Dave encourages appreciation for its beauty and resilience.

Dave delves into water management, focusing on water scarcity looming as a significant concern. In conjunction with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, Superfresh Growers focuses on environmental stewardship, while also balancing the need to sustain crops. Dave underscores the importance of monitoring river flows, reservoir levels, and snowpack data to sustain our crops amid unpredictable weather patterns.

While nature’s whims remain beyond control, Dave encourages embracing the beauty of its fluctuations. As Superfresh Growers continues to innovate, Dave encourages viewers to cherish the resilience and diversity of the natural world, finding solace and inspiration amidst its ever-changing wonders.