Wonderful Pistachios Partners with French Athletes Evan Fournier, Sara Balzer & Estelle Mossely

Wonderful Pistachios promotes healthy snacking choices as part of its new campaign in France called “And you, how do you crack?” featuring three renowned French athletes

Wonderful Pistachios announces its partnership with three French sports players as part of a new campaign “And you, how do you crack?” This initiative aims to inspire French consumers to make healthy food choices as part of regular physical activity, and will be promoted by fencer Sara Balzer, basketball player Evan Fournier, and boxing champion Estelle Mossely.

Rolling out in France digitally, in print publications and in gyms and stores with eye-catching displays, the campaign features star athletes:

  • Sara Balzer, an accomplished fencer who has captured hearts with her dazzling performances. Silver medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, her remarkable record speaks to her talent and determination to excel in her sport, making her the world number 1 in women’s sabre according to the International Fencing Federation. 
  • Evan Fournier, an iconic figure in French basketball, has had an impressive career in the NBA and as a member of the French national team. Silver medalist at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo and the 2022 European Championship, Fournier embodies determination and excellence on the court. 
  • Estelle Mossely, boxing champion, has made history in French sports with her exceptional achievements in the ring. The first French female boxer to win the title at the Olympic Games, she is also the first Frenchwoman to be crowned world champion after her Olympic title. Her journey illustrates the strength and perseverance required to reach the top.

With France as one of Wonderful Pistachios’ key markets in Europe, these athletes will increase affinity of consumers for eating pistachios because they want to fuel their bodies in the same way as their favorite athletes. In the campaign’s creative, we see the athletes in familiar settings of a kitchen and living room, showcasing different usage occasions for Wonderful Pistachios in a fun and engaging manner.

To encourage use of pistachios in recipes, Evan plays with the Wonderful Pistachios bag, spinning it on his finger like a basketball. He ends up eating pistachios as a post-training snack. Estelle cracks open the shells of the pistachios using her boxing gloves before adding them as a topping to her yogurt. Sarah uses her skills with a fencing sabre in the kitchen by chopping a salad with record-breaking speed and adding Wonderful Pistachios for a delicious crunch. For enjoying pistachios as a stand-alone snack, Estelle is shown watching a movie and eating pistachios out of a popcorn bucket, while Sarah humorously ditches the popcorn bucket altogether and eats them out of her fencing mask instead.  

Wonderful Pistachios, A Healthy Snack 

Wonderful Pistachios are a great snack for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and nuts, including pistachios, can offer athletes a source of nutrients for fuel before or after activity. Protein, vitamins, and potassium, pistachios provide a natural source of nutrition to help support the energy needs of active consumers.

“At Wonderful Pistachios, we firmly believe that nutrition and wellness are essential elements that help fuel fitness, and we’re proud to have Evan, Sara and Estelle play a role in promoting these values.” – Tom Hazelof, Vice President of Retail Sales EMEA at Wonderful Pistachios.