Alchemista Introduces Proprietary Technology to Transform Corporate Catering in Boston & Beyond

BOSTON—Boston & Washington, D.C.-based Alchemista announces the launch of their individual service online ordering model, Alchemista ONE, bringing their transformative corporate catering offerings to hundreds of thousands of smaller companies for whom it was previously out of reach.

A Corporate Catering Concierge, Alchemista was founded by MIT Sloan grad Christine Marcus in 2012 as a way to allow employers to remain competitive in the search and retention of top talent by providing unique food and curated brand experiences that enrich workplace culture. A recurring model where clients commit to daily, weekly or monthly meals, Alchemista serves over 30,000 meals/month with an average order size of 120 people, allowing companies in the technology, pharma, and healthcare spaces to compete with the “Google-esque” perks doled out by competitors for the same talent. A sampling of long-time clients include Black Duck Software, Draft Kings, and Cengage.

Years of manually determining order needs, navigating dietary restrictions, and knowledge gleaned from Alchemista’s Client Attendants – who are on-site for every meal delivery – resulted in the development of a proprietary algorithm that now allows for Alchemista’s high-touch model to be transformed into an online system that allows for one-off and one-click orders by companies as small as 25 employees.

“Ordering food for an office has always been a challenge – from quantity to reliability, budgeting to presentation. With Alchemista, we solved those pain points for larger companies mainly in tech, pharma, and healthcare who, through our service, can order hassle-free, out-of-the-box weekly lunches for their staff at the cost of approximately $750/person/year,” said Christine Marcus, Founder & CEO, Alchemista. “Using our new proprietary algorithm, I’m thrilled to have figured out a way to bring our highly curated services to an even bigger audience through Alchemista ONE.”

With Alchemista ONE, companies can visit to select from a curated list of restaurants offering menus typically exclusive to Alchemista. A quick online form submission allows literally anyone to order with literally one click, saving both time and money. Companies can select ‘drop off’ or, for an additional fee, ‘spoil me,’ and a Client Attendant will be on site to present the food with the Alchemista flair otherwise reserved for clients with recurring services.

After rolling out in Boston, Alchemista ONE will be introduced into the D.C. market before continued future expansion throughout the U.S.

About Alchemista
Alchemista is a corporate catering concierge that provides unique food and curated brand experiences to enrich workplace culture. High-touch and hospitality-minded, Alchemista caters to employers seeking to create their own unique workplace culture to help amplify their core values, maximize performance and profitability, and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction through unforgettable culinary and cultural experiences at every touchpoint. Alchemista ONE allows companies seeking to simplify one-off catering needs the opportunity to deliver the same level of service and exclusive catering options to their employees.