Inside Kroger and Microsoft’s New Smart-Grocery Partnership

As someone who loves to eat — and I mean, loves — I’ve enjoyed following the current upheaval going on in the grocery industry. The gauntlet was thrown down in June 2017, when Amazon  announced it was acquiring Whole Foods Market. The news quickly sent shares of all grocery chain stocks down sharply, Kroger included.

However, I wrote that year — and continue to believe — that just because Amazon is making a big push into groceries doesn’t mean that Kroger, the largest pure-play grocer in the country (and second only to Walmart overall), is out for the count.

Kroger recently made yet another in a series of tech-forward initiatives to counter the Amazon-Whole Foods challenge. The company announced a partnership with Microsoft  to pilot two new “smart” grocery stores, using cutting-edge technology and AI to deliver a next generation grocery experience.

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