Le Bread Xpress Announces Crowdfunding Project Through Fundable

San Francisco, CA / The French vending sensation that hit San Francisco by storm has been slowly testing the waters of the Bay Area. After receiving favorable press alongside an overwhelmingly positive public reaction over the hot bread dispenser, founder and CEO Benoit Herve knew he had a winning product with the micro-bakery. For those who have not yet heard of Le Bread Xpress, it is a vending machine that delivers fresh French Baguettes with the push of a button. The par-baked baguette is delivered from a local bakery and baked inside the machine so that every single baguette is fresh and ready to go.

“The French baguette is known all over the world,” says Benoit. “It is more than just a loaf of bread. It is an art form to be savored. This is why we take great pains to deliver the right partner for our baguette machines. We began with Petits Pains here in the Bay Area so as to maintain the reputation of both Le Bread Xpress and the French baguette.”

«This is the multi-million dollars opportunity that the founder and CEO of Le Bread Xpress, Benoit Herve, decided to tackle with his high-tech vending machine», says Jean Baptiste Su , Forbes Contributor

The machines have been operational in France for 5 years and are just now making their way into US marketplaces. The first machine was launched at The Myriad on Market Street in San Francisco and is capable of delivering the hot baguettes in 10’s of seconds, making them perfect for transit locations, supermarkets, campuses, hospitals, and malls . Called “the only new piece of innovation [San Francisco] ever needs” by SF Gate and “everything you could ever expect of your dream baguette” by Lost in SF, Le Bread Express is earning a reputation for delicious quality among Bay Area residents. Its highly successful launch on the Myriad on Market Street location led the entrepreneur to look into a US expansion. After a deep dive into understanding of their millennial demographic the company feels confident that crowdfund approach will meet their needs.

Le Bread Xpress owners wholesale inkjet paper wholesale inkjet photo paper cheap inkjet paper cheap inkjet photo paper look forward to the launch of their new crowdfunding campaign on Fundable that will enable them to place the popular machines in locations all across the US. The campaign launched on November 16th.

“The reception so far has been beyond what we could have expected,” says Benoit. “We are changing the way people eat and buy food. This machine takes the best of automation technology and merges it with French gastronomy to create a Best of Breed Baguette! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the brand.”

Fundable: http://www.fundable.com/le-bread-xpress

Source: Le Bread Xpress 

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