Mooliss Launches Plant Based Cheese Nationwide

Mooliss is pleased to announce the official launch of its Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Shreds which will soon be available in 400 pizzerias nationwide.

Mooliss Foods is a vegan cheese company headquartered in New York that sells plant-based mozzarella, including its staple product, Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Shreds. Products sold by the company combine traditional methods, with modern technology, to create plant-based cheese that is delectable and meltable. Currently, Mooliss only offers its products to pizzerias and restaurants but has a growth plan that includes an official retail launch in June 2022.

“Vegans and pizza lovers have long searched for a plant-based mozzarella cheese that melts perfectly – until now,” says the founder of Mooliss, Besart Astafa. “Mooliss is the newest such cheese on the block, and we feel it is the best melting vegan cheese on the market.

This evidence comes from pizza restaurants across America that have been using our cheese with astounding results.”

According to the company, the Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Shreds are so good, in fact, that the New York-based manufacturer has now launched free retail samples for everyone interested in having a taste, simply by visiting its website.

The Mooliss Vegan Mozzarella is smooth and creamy, and perfect for everything from pizza to salads. The product is also free from allergens – meaning it is made without dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and gluten. To perfect the recipe, Mooliss combines traditional cheese-making methods, with modern technology, to create its plant-based delicacy that’s kind to the body as well as the planet.

“Our recipe was formulated by pizza chefs for the food industry and has been so successful that it has been made available for online ordering and delivery all over the USA,” Astafa states. “Pizza restaurants are going all-in on the plant-based revolution, having enjoyed increased sales from offering vegan pizzas – making our product one of the best options on the market for them.”

Dawn Sweeney, National Restaurant Association President, summed up the mood of the industry when she said: “Any restaurant that does not serve plant-based food is burning money. Everyone knows that the vegan chooses where the group eats.”
Mooliss Mozzarella is sold shredded, in 5lb bags for food service and 8oz for retail.

For more information, or to request a sample for pizzerias/restaurants, please visit

About Mooliss

Mooliss is a plant-based cheese manufacturer that claims to be the most advanced manufacturer of this type of product, with its high production facility in New York. The Mooliss team cares so deeply about its product and partners that it provides restaurants with support and training in menu development.