Alaskan Salmon Harvest Rises Amidst Uncertain Markets

Commercial salmon harvests statewide approached 236 million fish through Aug. 25, with over 100 million of those harvested caught in Prince William Sound.

The catch in Prince William Sound included 94,495,000 humpies, 3,153,000 sockeyes, 2,506,000 chums, 61,000 cohos and 24,000 kings, an increase of over 2 million salmon from a week earlier, according the preliminary harvest figures calculated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Statewide fishermen have delivered to processors 235,863,000 salmon, including 166,611,000 humpies, 52,569,000 reds, 13,777,000 chums, 2,403,000 silvers and 503,000 Chinooks. While sockeye, silver and chum harvests have yet to reach this year's forecast, the pink salmon catch has exceeded its forecast to date by more than 26 million fish.

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