Blue Star Foods Launches Traceability And Data Collection Tools For Blue Swimming Crab In Indonesia

Blue Star Foods, a leading Blue Swimming crabmeat producer & importer, in partnership with Wilderness Markets, a conservation finance & impact investment partner, is launching a cloud based fisheries data collection platform for the Blue Swimming Crab fishery in Indonesia.

This innovative, mobile based data collection system integrates three components to provide a completely traceable supply chain. A geospatial boat tracking system provides “on the water” data for fishing duration, location and timing. Provided by Pelagic Data Systems, these units are uniquely suited for artisanal vessel tracking. A proprietary mobile phone based system aggregates landings data and is linked to a QR code system, which allows buyers-consumers to trace back product information in an integrated platform. The QR code provides users with batch and product information, including fisher data, vessel name and landing site in compliance with landing regulations.

Blue Star Foods CEO & CSO, John Keeler, mentioned: “One of the key drivers to our traceable sourcing initiatives is fishery data management”. Blue Star is having an infographic display debut at their Seafood Expo North America’s booth, on how the entire fishery data collection system from fishermen to consumer works.

“Poor data and product traceability are two of the major constraints to improving fishery management and making appropriate sustainability investments. Wilderness Markets is pleased to have collaborated with Blue Star Foods to address this core constraint to better inform future investments”, noted Neel Inamdar, CEO at Wilderness Markets.

Dave Solomon, CEO of Pelagic Data Systems, said: “We are excited to work with Blue Star to bring transparency with a positive social & environmental impact to their supply chain in Indonesia”.

Wilderness Markets is a boutique conservation finance impact firm dedicated to helping investors address social, economic and environmental concerns, with a focus on sustainable fisheries and seafood. Working with a range of public and private investors, we focus on developing market driven investment solutions to curbing poverty, increasing food security, and protecting the environment in key ecosystems. More information at

Pelagic Data Systems is a San Francisco based company, bringing a Technologists’ approach to the very human problems in the world’s fisheries. We believe it’s possible to help fishermen earn a better living, while reducing the amount of seafood that goes to waste and minimizing the environmental impact of fishing.

Blue Star Foods, funded in 1995 is a vertically integrated & triple bottom line responsible sourcing company. Specializing in Blue Swimming crabmeat from South East Asia. Blue Star foods is the leader in sustainable packaging with its patented pasteurizing process in flexible pouches, reducing CO2 emissions by 30% vs. Cans. More information at

Source: Blue Star Foods