‘Buy Local’ Movement Catches On With Seafood

“Buy Local” is a mantra these days …; it’s a marketing phrase to get shoppers to buy from your local merchants, growers, dairymen and fishermen. It’s a way for local business to get you away from the big stores and into their farmer’s markets or to come to the farm, dairy or fish store. It’s big in New England, very important to the Seacoast.

That effort was on display yesterday with the inaugural N.H. Fish & Lobster Festival in Portsmouth’s Prescott Park. The “Fishtival,” as it was dubbed, celebrated 400 years of local seafood. The event was a collaboration between community organizations to support the local fishing industry, featuring 13 chefs and restaurants serving up fresh seafood.

Beyond the Fishtival, there are three parts of the seafood industry on the Seacoast: fish sellers, fin fishermen (who catch fish) and lobstermen. One part cannot work without the other two.

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