Commercial Oyster Farms Thriving in Alabama Waters

Already 10 years into an oyster farming effort, Dr. Bill Walton is pleased with the resulting 18 commercial farms operating in Alabama.

“I love seeing pickups going down the road with oyster bags in the back and somebody’s making a living on it,” Walton said. “We’ve seen some high school folks come out and start working as oyster farmers, we’ve seen some kids actually come back from going to college and come back and work farms. That’s real exciting to me to see a younger generation coming into it to make a living.”

Walton, director of the Auburn Shellfish lab at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, will host the Off-Bottom Culture of Oysters Forum on Feb. 19 at the Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship hall. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and a $5 donation is suggested. Another presenter will be Chuck Wilson of Navy Cove Oysters on the Fort Morgan peninsula. The Local Food Production Initiative of Fairhope is sponsoring the event.

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